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Start your feast with these soft, creamy dairy cheeses lovingly enhanced with Capocollo di Martina Franca cold cuts, tomatoes and a dash of olive oil.


Focaccia, Taralli & Panzerotto

Treat your palate to this mixed platter full of flavour. A delicious combination of the flat oven-baked Focaccia bread, topped with fresh tomatoes and oregano, accompanied by the crisp, salted, herbal taste of the Taralli and the warm turnover stuffed with tomato and mozzarella of Panzerotto.


Pesce crudo & Cozze

A delicate combination platter of fresh raw fish dressed with extra virgin olive oil to highlight the exquisite flavours of the sea.



Crunchy, twice-baked durum disk topped with a mixture of tomatoes, basil, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.


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A creative interpretation of traditional Pancotto: a terrine made with stale bread steeped in broth seasoned with chopped herbs and vegetables.


Zuppa di pesce

A delectable seafood surprise combining at least 7 different kinds of fishes and shellfish seasoned to perfection.


Orecchiette e cime di rapa

This hearty, robust dish of popular orecchiette pasta blends the exquisite flavours of cime di rapa (broccoli rabe or turnip tops) with anchovies and spicy chili peppers.


Riso patate e cozze

Slow-cooked layers of al dente rice, potatoes and mussels which play beautifully with tangy tomatoes and sliced onions


Ragù con brasciole

An herby meat roll stuffed with cheese and parsley, cooked with a savoury tomato gravy in the same pot to soak up every bit of flavour.



Fresh charcoaled pork rolls stuffed with pecorino cheese, parsley, rosemary and caciocavallo, seasoned with savoury herbs and spices.


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Biscotto cegliese

A sweet, fragrant biscuit made of locally produced toasted almonds, honey and eggs with jam filling and a sugar glaze.



A tasty pastry with a sweet crust and filled with egg custard—perfect with a caffè leccese.


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